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September 02 2014


Should You Invest in a Gold IRA?

There are many options for investing in your future. You could invest in stocks, bonds and real estate, but these can all be risky. Even investing in certain types of currency could lead you to a loss. Fortunately, there is a better option, that can offer you a sound investment that will not fail. Through a gold ira investment, you can retain the value of your investment, without fear of it losing value. For those considering this type of investment, it is important to fully research and learn all you can, before you make your first move.

The IRS allows for gold IRA investing without any penalties or taxes charged. You will not have to settle with the IRS until you make the decision to withdraw from your account for retirement. You can also transfer funds from one IRA account to another, without incurring any penalties. This makes investing in gold much easier than other methods.

My Gold IRA

For those who have an existing IRA account, rolling over to gold is easy. If your account type allows, you simply need to contact your account custodian and inform them you want to rollover a portion or your entire account amount into a self-directing IRA. With an existing account, you can choose to rollover at any time and invest freely in precious metals.

Once you own a self-directed gold IRA, you are free to choose what type of investment you want to make. You can invest in any precious metal, like silver, gold, palladium and platinum. You also have the right to choose to invest in bouillon, coins or even stocks. Most custodians will tell you, investing in stocks is the riskiest option for gold investing. If you want a safer option, choose coins or bouillon.

Since there are rules and regulations set forth by the IRS, most people feel more comfortable in working with a custodian. A custodian can help to guide you through your options and assist you in making the best choices. This will help to ensure your account complies with all of the IRS guidelines, so you do not experience any penalties for your investment.

To learn more about gold in ira, you can find help through My Gold IRA. They are experts in working with gold investments and can assist you through every aspect of the process. Contact them today and allow them to walk you through the options you have, so you can make the best choice for your financial future. 

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